Life With The Bolli's

Life in the Bolli home is an ever changing adventure. We see the hand of the Lord in our lives every day and hope to keep a record of many of those blessing here on our blog. We are so grateful for all of the moments of our lives that help us to grow and to become who we really are.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

June 2011- Summer Fun!

Korbin and Regs

Grandma Allen came to visit and brought Mckenzie. She took the three oldest grandchildren to see the Manti Pageant.

Regs and Kiri

A special treat to daddy from your biggest fans!

We love you Regan.

Jakob, Korbin, Kiri at Big Rock Candy Mountain

Big Rock Candy Mountain with Grandma Bolli.

The Matheny Clan: L to R: Regan Bolli Family, Wildee And Sabrina Mortensen with children Jade, Stone and Wildee Rock. Monika and Curt Braithwait clan, Tauna and husband, Steve and Carina family, Melodie and Aunt Melissa (Lissie), Aaron and Melissa family, Mace and Verena family.

Korbin had dropped a rock down an uncovered cleanout pipe wich caused the flooding in the house. It ended up making it all of the way out to the end of our yard and getting stuck. We had to have a back hoe come in and dig 15 feet down and when they filled it back in it was a huge mud pile ( a huge mess!) They told us to keep spraying it with water to make it settle and the kids thought it would be fun to play in the mud while we were at it. Everyone seems to be having fun exept Regs!

A flood in our basement. The second flood since we have lived here. And hopefully the last!

A funeral service for our first baby kitty. Korbin came in and said "I think the kitty is dead". We asked "why do you think so". He replied "because only his head is there". Yes it was a gruesome death and we were all sad. But we gave it a proper burial.

Time at Wildee and Sabrina's farm. Fun!

Jakob and Regs at the farm.

A visit from our wonderful friends the Kirby's. We are so lucky to have gotten a visit from them. It has been 4 1/2 years since we moved from our best next door neighbors in Denver. It was so good to have them here.

Janae, Kaleb, Jakob, Korbin, Kiriauna, Isaac, Aliza, Regan, Erin

It has been such a fun June. So busy but so much fun. We are loving our life here in Ephraim and feel it is the perfect life for us!

April and May 2011 happenings at at the Bolli"s

Kiri and Korbin helped make breakfast in bed for Jakob (farina with a strawberry mouth blueberry nose and eys and reses peanut buttercup for hair!

Me and my Jakob

Regs, Dax, Kiri, Jakob and Korbin on Jakobs birthday

Jakob got to make his own birthday cake. Chocolate with M&M's

Jakobs playgroup friends. Kaylex Cox, Mateo Peterson, and Zac Tapp

Jacob singing his solo in the choir concert

Korbin singing his solo in the choir concert, Kiri to the left and back.

Kiri backstage before the big choir performance. Cool and calm as can be.

Korbin and Jakob prepping for the choir concert. They love to sing.

The cousins in choir. Jakob, Jade, Kiriauna, Dax and Korbin

Our little Regs. He loves his football.

Regs and Jakob snuggling with Grandma Bolli

We found some of our projects as we were weeding out our school supplies. It is nice to clear out!

fun decorating Easter eggs.

I LOVE SPRING! April and May have been so wonderful! There is sunshine and happiness all around us. Some of the things that have been happening in the Bolli home are: celebrating our Saviors resurection, coloring Easter eggs, weeding out school supplies and the rest of the house( I realized I had way too many things, we might as well let others share in the wealth), spending time with Grandma Bolli, the kids spring choir concert in Nephi (they love Auntie V"s choir, she is so great. They each had a solo and did wonderfully), And our sweet Jakobs birthday!! I can't believe he is 5 already! He is such a happy and immaginitive boy. We love him so much and are so happy he is a part of our family. It has been a great spring thus far.

Our little Baller Regs. He is so darn cute.

Family Pics

My true love and I. I just can't keep my hands off of him. This was after the rain as you can tell from my hair.

Korbin enjoying a picnic in Grandma and Grandpas back yard

Our Jakob

The Allen Family (after the downpour): Gabby, Sebi, Mckenzie, Audra and Taya Tello. Ben, Easton, Gavin, Kayden and Kara Allen. Seth, Stephen, Darla and Larry Allen. Jessica, Jonny and Syndney Allen. Kiriauna, Regan Arthur, Jakob, Erin, Korbin and Regan Bolli. Missing here are Kati and Mua and their children Aires, Athena and their new baby.

Our beautiful Kiriauna

Our little Regs

a few family pics


This past May we had family pictures with the Allens. About 10 minutes after arriving at the place we were going to take pictures it began to downpour. We had just enough time to get our family picture taken and then run to the car soaking wet. We went back to Grandma and Grandpa Allens and took a picture of everyone anyway, soaking wet and happy. Good memories!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We all dressed up this year. Me as a cheerleader (I can't believe I still fit into my highschool cheerleading uniform), Regan as a sports fan :), Regs a lion, Kiri a witch, korbin one of those guys from star wars (can't remember the name, you can see what a big star wars fan I am) and Jakob as spider man.
Our ferocious lion!

I love our kids!

We love Snow College football games! It is so great living in Ephraim!

Trick or treat!

I think this was actually the most fun that I have had with Halloween ever (I wouldn't say it is my favorite holliday) The kids were so excited for everything and that made it fun for me. We did a trunk or treat on Ephraim Main St., went to Snow Colleges football game in the rain, went trick or treating and had a family Halloween party when we got home. Regan was a sports fan, I was a cheerleader (I haven't put my uniform on for about 15 years!), Kiriauna was a witch and a mermaid princesss, Korbin was a character from Star Wars, Jakob was Spider Man, and Regs was a little lion. It was a fun day.

We love science!

getting everything ready for the big experiment.

Korbing making his hypothesis.

We love science!

The other day during school Kiriauna said to me "I want to do a science experiment". I asked her what she had in mind and she told me some ideas that she had. I told her to make a list and to gather and prepare everything she would need to do it, and I would be there if she had any questions. For the next hour she dilligently worked. She labeled 5 small cups with numbers 1-5 and labeled them with different food items from oatmeal to baking soda. Then she filled one cup with water (labeled with a "W") and one cup with vinegar (labled with a "V"). Then she made 3 coordinating sheets of paper with sqares and numbers on them for Korbin, Jakob and I to write down our hypothesis on. The idea was to mix each food item with water and then with vinegar one at a time and decide what we thought the reaction would be. By the time we got to the vinegar and baking soda they had decided that they "really love science!" I was really impressed. Korbin loved writing his hypothesis, Jakob was on the floor with Regs most of the time (except when things got really exciting!) and Kiriauna did the whole thing herself with little help from me. I love seeing our children love to learn. They are wonderful examples and motivators to me.